Welcome to the International Network for Accreditation, Recognition and Dissemination (INARD™).

We are working since 13 Years internationally within the field of Quality Benchmarking.

Outcome oriented competenc(i)es and qualifications of institutions and individuals

We are specialised to look to high quality and the excellence of competenc(i)es and qualifications. Many of our clients which we are facilitating can prove soon  the highest level of qualities, e.g. outstanding competenc(i)es and qualifications.


INARD™, the International Network for Accreditation, Recognition and Dissemination, has its headquarters in London and works across mainland Europe as an accreditation, certification and recognition consultancy and assessor agency. It has effective links with many international academic and training recognition bodies.

INARD™ has excellent dissemination processes and contacts to ensure the
widest possible communication of findings and decisions to appropriate
authorities, institutions and agencies.

INARD™ recognises the central importance of the Bologna and Copenhagen
processes in all its commissioned work, and especially in its operational links and contractual partnerships with other accreditation and recognition bodies. For the whole Bologna and Bologna follow-up process INARD™ supported the Institutes of Competenc(i)es and Qualifications I-C-Q for the validation within projects for assessment and certification (e.g. in the field of Micro-Credentials, the field of formal, non-formal and informal learning).

INARD™ works closely with the International Council for Education and Management ICEM, which has significant partnerships with higher education institutions, especially regarding practitioner research programmes at various levels. There is as well a long years partnership with Swiss Quality Competencies and Qualifications SQCQ.

Currently INARD™ is working in various Benchmarking and consultancy projects for preparing organisations to an international accreditation process. Since 2019 the newest need of our clients is the support in the work with Micro-Credentials, in FE, HE, as well in TVET. Therefore we are looking to Swiss Quality procedures and are bridging international pathways to Excellence.

We are following the European Approach to Micro-Credentials (2020-2024).


15 Years experiences with Quality Benchmarking

Our different services are concentrating around the following fields of expertise: Quality Benchmarking and Consulting for the preparation to an international Accreditation and Recognition. Preparing the basics for an accreditation pathway, helping to document the status of quality who can be observed. Quality Audits of organisations on a way to Excellence. Working with (institutional) self …


Please contact us in our Offices London or Solothurn Switzerland for further information.